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viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

AFC ExCo takes important decisions

AFC ExCo takes important decisions
Friday, 23 March 2012 16:35
Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Executive Committee met on Friday for the first time this year and discussed several important topics and took several key decisions, keeping in view the development of Asian football.

AFC Acting President Zhang Jilong set the tone for the full-strength gathering with his opening remarks when he told the members to gear up for what he said would be a “very challenging year”. 

“We ended 2011 in a spirit of solidarity and unity. I would like to request all of you to continue in the same tone,” said Jilong.
“A sense of togetherness and unity of purpose has never been more important in Asian football. 2012 will be very challenging for me, and you, but I promise you that as the Acting President I will go by the AFC Statutes.”

Jilong and the members conveyed their appreciation to FIFA Vice-President HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein for strongly representing the continent’s interests at the International Football Association Board on the headscarf issue.

“We are all very pleased that the IFAB has allowed testing of the new headscarves and I am confident that we will get a positive decision on July 2,” said Jilong.

The members discussed at length the situation in the PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) and expressed their great concern.

Among other things, the Executive Committee heard about AFC’s engagement with UEFA and the success of the General Secretaries Induction Programme.

“AFC has held initial discussions with UEFA over how our confederations and affiliates can cooperate in order to develop both the Asian and European games. We hope to sign a Memorandum of Understanding after further discussions and agreement over the areas of mutual interest,” said Jilong.

The Executive Committee felt that a comprehensive and point-by-point review of the current AFC Champions League criteria was needed.

Besides ratifying and approving the decisions of the AFC Standing Committees, the Executive Committee also took the following decisions.

1.    The Executive Committee approved amendments to the existing criteria in the selection of the AFC Player of the Year. There will be three awards henceforth: a) Best Asian Player in Asia, b) Best Asian Player in Foreign Clubs, c) Best Foreign Player in Asia. The nominees will have to be present to be considered for the awards. The awards date, which is currently in November, will be reviewed and shifted to a suitable month in the following year. There will be one award for the AFC Women’s Player of the Year.
2.    The Committee approved the year 2013 as AFC Grassroots Year.
3.    The Committee approved a change in the name of the AID27 Monitoring Committee to AFC Financial Assistance Programme (AFAP) Committee.
4.    The AFAP annual grant per beneficiary Member Association has been increased to USD 250,000.
5.    The Audited Financial Statement for the Financial Year End of 2011 was approved.
6.    Salah Ramadan and Toufik Sarhan were appointed to the Futsal and Disciplinary Committees respectively. Krystyna Szokolai was co-opted as a member of the Referees Committee. Manie M Al Hayan was co-opted in the Competitions Committee, Faisal Al Dakhil in the Disciplinary Committee, and Khaled Abdul Sadeq in the Referees Committee.
7.    Obaid Saeed Ali Obaid Al Shamsi was replaced by Yousuf Mohd Abdullah in the AFC Vision Asia Committee while Dali Tahir was replaced by Bob Hippy in the Organising Committee for AFC Youth Competitions.
8.    Mohamed Al Romaithi’s resignation from the AFC Ad Hoc Committee for Member Associations was accepted and the Executive Committee expressed its appreciation for his services.

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