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sábado, 31 de enero de 2015

HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Files Candidacy, Releases Vision for FIFA Reform

After formally filing as a candidate for FIFA President, HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, President of the Jordan Football Association and Vice-President of FIFA, has today unveiled his vision for reform of Football’s world governing body.

Prince Ali presented a framework for the future of FIFA and Football founded upon a series of reform proposals to re-establish the organisation as a credible international sports federation with improved integrity, governance and transparency – ensuring that it is fit for purpose again.  His vision for change will guide his conversations over the coming weeks with National Association leaders, players, coaches, sponsors, fans and other stakeholders as he develops a detailed Manifesto.

Prince Ali officially launched his campaign, and activated his campaign website and social media platforms, after filing his proposal of nomination as a candidate, along with declarations of support in advance of the 29 January deadline.

“The campaign for the presidency of FIFA has entered a new phase, and the number of candidates signals a strong desire for change. It is vital that a genuine debate is held and a consensus is established on key issues – enabling everyone, especially fans, to trust FIFA again as we embark on a new era where world Football is governed with integrity and credibility.”  Prince Ali said.  “I want to make FIFA a first-class organisation that is worthy of a sport that unites billions of people around the globe and is rightly declared the world’s game. FIFA should function to promote Football and work in a real partnership to support all National Associations in their mission to develop the game – we must get back to focussing on those goals.”

He added:

“By improving FIFA’s governance and by making the organisation more transparent, I aim to re-build public confidence and show fans and all our stakeholders that we have Football’s best interests at heart. This means a fresh start for FIFA that involves genuine reform and also more power and resources available to all of FIFA’s Member Associations.”

Prince Ali’s vision for reform addresses three primary goals: restoring FIFA’s credibility; serving Football, protecting the game and neutralising threats; and developing the game globally.  He will build on the programme of reform with a detailed Manifesto once he has had the opportunity to share his vision with National Associations and receive their feedback. His Manifesto will also include new ideas about improving the game.

“I promise to be open and honest about my plans and reform proposals – my programme for the future will be developed by listening to the ideas of all National Associations, large and small and from every region, and exchanging views that best serves the world’s game. This approach to my election campaign reflects my approach to the FIFA Presidency – honest, open and collegiate.

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