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jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

New AFC website to provide fans with total football experience

The Asian Football Confederation has announced the release of a redesigned website with live scores, an enhanced interface as well as a new look and feel.
With the continent’s passionate fans in mind, the revamped website will offer users essential information and features that combine to provide a more comprehensive overview of both Asian football and the AFC itself.

At the very heart of this will be a new live score function which will enable fans to follow games throughout the continent, a move designed to satiate the fans’ desire for scores and data no matter where they may be.
In addition, the site will be easier to navigate, have a distinctly cleaner layout with interactive features and, with the fans in mind yet again, a greater focus on Asian football news.
According to AFC President, Shaikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, the AFC is always looking to improve its interaction with the fans and stakeholders.
“It is important for the AFC, as Asian football’s governing body, to have the necessary tools to interact with our fellow supporters and the rest of Asia. Hopefully with the changes that we have made we can gain feedback and make further improvements,” he said.
“The fans and all our stakeholders are important to us, and this website will give them the opportunity to follow the game everywhere. Asia has a great future in football and is fully deserving of more, so I hope that the redesigned website can also contribute to the development of the game,” he added.
Meanwhile, AFC General Secretary, Dato’ Alex Soosay, stated that the new website is consistent with the progressive nature of Asian football.

“We have so many competitions, matches and activities in Asia that it is pertinent for the AFC to provide fans with the opportunity to keep abreast of every update and development of football in Asia accurately and efficiently.”

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