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jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

City of Gold Inspired ‘Jo’bulani’ Personalised Final Match Ball

Today, adidas proudly presents the personalised Official Match Ball for the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. The adidas Jo’bulani, a unique gold-coloured version of the Jabulani, was personalised by FIFA overnight and 60 hand delivered to the Netherlands and Spain training camps by FIFA officials ahead of Sunday’s epic final at Soccer City. The ball’s name is a tribute to Johannesburg or Jo’burg, the City of Gold and will be played with for the first time at the final.
Both the Dutch and Spanish teams each received 30 Jo’bulani match balls uniquely personalised with their country names at their training camps today to practise with in the lead up to the final. There will be 30 balls including one special kick-off ball used in Sunday’s historic final game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. These exclusive match balls were prepared with venue, date and stadium name at the adidas factory in Scheinfeld, Germany and then finished in Johannesburg at the adidas offices integrated in FIFA HQ. The names of the two finalists were applied with a heat transfer and pressure method applied onto the ball using a special machine brought in from the adidas factory in Germany.

As the Official Supplier of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, adidas provided 64 uniquely personalised Jabulani Official Match Balls for each of the games played during the tournament in South Africa. There were 15 balls used in each game with one special kick-off ball. Following the completion of the group stages, 16 balls were used and the remaining 48 balls were personalised on the ground in South Africa at FIFA headquarters. After the games, these balls will be used for a variety of promotions and fans from all over the world have the opportunity to win a piece of history with the actual adidas Jo’bulani FIFA World Cup™ Official Final Match Ball. exclusively available to own via the adidas 46664 auction at where all proceeds go to the Nelson Mandela 46664 Foundation.
In 2010, adidas will sell more footballs than ever before. adidas provides the match balls for all important tournaments and leagues worldwide, including the Official Match Ball for all UEFA competitions, the Africa Cup of Nations and the German Bundesliga. More than 13 million of the 20 million footballs sold feature the design of the Jabulani and approximately 700,000 the Jo’bulani.

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